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Who are the Sea Peoples and what role did they play in the best online blackjack 4sh of civilizations that occurred shortly after BCE? The simple answer is that there is no simple answer. It remains an archaeological mystery that is the subject of much debate even today, more than years after the discussions first began.

It begins with the early French Egyptologist Gaston Maspero, who suggested in the s and s that a group of marauding invaders whom he called the Sea Peoples were responsible for bringing the Late Bronze Age to an end shortly after BCE. At the time, even the mere existence of the Sea Peoples was only documented in the records left by Ramses III and by Merneptah, who ruled 30 years earlier. Each claimed to have fought against an invasion of these Sea Peoples. Merneptah best online blackjack 4sh it happened in the fifth year of his reign, which would be about BCE, while Ramses III said he fought both a land and a naval battle against them in his eighth year, which would be about BCE.

In both cases the Egyptians won. So, there were five groups the first time and six groups the second time, with two of the groups overlapping, for a total best online blackjack 4sh nine groups.

So, we know who the Sea Peoples are, but in name only. Where did they come from? And where did they go after they lost? Answering the second question is easier, if we believe the Egyptian records, because Ramses III says that he settled the survivors in his strongholds in Egypt. There are also indications that some settled in what is now Israel, for the Tale of Wenamun from a century or so later describes the site of Dor visit web page being a Http:// probably Shekelesh or Tjekker city, and the Peleset are usually identified by scholars as как casino online net девочка Philistines, whom the Bible tells us, and archaeology confirms, were also resident in what is now Israel.

As for where they came from, the early Egyptologists were split in their opinion as to whether the Sea Peoples had come from the west, i. Even today we still play linguistic games with the names of the individual groups whom the Egyptian pharaohs mentioned. Most although not all scholars would now argue that the Sea Peoples began their migration from the Western Mediterranean, and that there is a linguistic link between the Shardana and Sardinia as well as the Shekelesh and Sicily.

If that thinking is correct, then the two waves of Sea Peoples that crashed upon the shores of Egypt thirty years apart were composed of best online blackjack 4sh motley crew from many different areas of both the western and eastern Mediterranean plus the Aegean casino connection perhaps Cyprus as well.

But all of that, plain and simple, is still just best online blackjack 4sh hypothesis, for there are no other texts or even archaeological evidence at the moment to confirm the entire story.

What we have instead are bits and pieces of the puzzle, such as best online blackjack 4sh fact that the Shardana also called the Sherden appear in Egyptian texts and inscriptions a century or learn more here earlier, fighting as mercenaries best online blackjack 4sh for and against the Egyptian army.

Individual texts from places such as Ugarit in north Syria report unnamed invaders and foreign ships, as well as famine in the Hittite lands. It can be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to tell what caused the destruction of a site, especially if no weapons such as arrowheads, swords, or spear tips or bodies are found in the rubble.

However, speaking of bodies, our most promising lead was just announced a few weeks ago, for a probable Philistine cemetery has been discovered at the site of Ashkelon in Israel. Best online blackjack 4sh various analyses best online blackjack 4sh be conducted on the numerous skeletons that were recovered, including DNA that might allow us to figure out where the buried people came from and to whom they are related, and strontium best online blackjack 4sh from their teeth that could tell us where they best online blackjack 4sh up.

But, the cemetery reportedly dates from at least a century after the initial invasions during the time of Merneptah and Ramses III, so best online blackjack 4sh are not the remains of the original Sea Peoples, but rather their descendants who settled in the area.

Thus, DNA analyses will probably tell us more about them than strontium isotope will, since it is probably a given that these burials are of people who grew up in the local area, even if their ancestors came from the Aegean or the Western Mediterranean.

As for what role the Sea Peoples actually played in the destruction of civilizations around BCE and shortly thereafter, I personally think that they have been set up as a scapegoat, because of the Egyptian inscriptions, and that they were as much victims as oppressors. These stressors, as they are sometimes called, probably also included drought, famine, earthquakes, and possible internal rebellions in addition to external invaders, all of which combined to cause a systems collapse.

However, since I have gone on too long already, I will just refer you to the opening and closing chapters of my recent book Pari sportif en ligne I will warn you, though, that there is not yet a smoking gun, nor one single cause, that we can point to as responsible for the collapse of civilizations just after Just click for source. It remains one of the most interesting mysteries of ancient history.

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Ask a Near East Professional: Who are the Sea Peoples and what role did they play in the devastation of civilizations? Eric Cline The simple answer is that there is no simple answer. Captured Sea People from Medinet Habu. Satellite view of the Eastern Mediterranean. Aerial view of Ashkelon.

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Who are the Sea Peoples and what role did they play? Best online blackjack 4sh

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