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During the following years, German broadened his skills by studying just click for source and contemporary ballet, jazz and acrobatic techniques. After obtaining his first gold medalGerman went on to win a total of seven of these awards at a series of contests for the youth in Buenos Aires Province and more than 20 first place prizes at national level.

InGerman became World Champion of Tango dancing. His long list of massive performances includes top rating TV shows in South America: Around the world, some of the TV shows that enjoyed his magnificent dancing are: Renowned theaters which have also showed his art are: He has been a performer in M!

The fact that casino ab 18 german of his students have been reaching top positions at the Tango World Championship russisches roulette fler has made German one of the most recognized and requested couches in Buenos Aires. He has become one of the best tango show instructors. Her movement quality is extraordinary. She simply exudes star quality Casino ab 18 german got engaged to art from a very early please click for source. When she turned 3, she began to study at a ballet school.

Right after graduating as Teacher of Classical and Spanish Dancing at the age of 16, she went to specialize in tango dancing with the guidance of the finest teachers in Argentina. Gisela has been awarded casino ab 18 german national and international level for both classical and tango dancing: Gisela has participated in top rating Argentinean TV shows: Gisela possesses vast experience at some of the most important orchestras in Argentina: She has been both director and choreographer of ''Tango Dance Premium'' at Fernando Marzan's Orchestra whose performance delighted audiences in Japan for three months.

She was choreographer and tango couch for one of the couples in the Argentine equivalent of Dancing with the Stars: At present, Gisela is leading dancer at Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires which she joined in ; also, she is a cast member of Milonga -directed and choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Her ongoing professional development has allowed her to show his passion for online tjejer spel tango dancing around Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania.

In Japan more specifically, where she has performed in all of her fourteen visits, she has become one of the top tango dancers. The casino ab 18 german repertorie as well as the different high impact choreographic scenes are specially selected and tailored so as to meet the needs of each show casino ab 18 german the tastes and preferences of clients.

What we offer Depending on the size and magnitude of the event, there is a group of truly world-class artists, an "Argentinean Selection" ready to perform to the highest standards. According to the specific occasion, formations range from Trio to Quartet, or casino ab 18 german to Orchestra, that is quintet, sextet or octet.

For further information about our different link options in order to find which best fits your needs, casino ab 18 german contact us.

Dancer 27 Sep St. Dancer 9 Oct - 10 Oct St. Albans UK — Alban Arena. Cornejo is also a first rate dancer, splendidly so in Susu in duo with Gisela Galeassi. The programme is breath-taking. I can wholeheartedly attest click to see more being sat on a veritable rollercoaster of emotion and then spun around at high speeds by the sheer range that his choreography.

This show is sheer joy and perfection. We see the best tango dancers in the world passionately spin, caress, kick and fly into the air in some to-die-for outfits, of sequins and glamour. A delightfully romantic treatment of the Titanic theme by the dancers is backed by Cirillo. But best of all we are regularly and thrillingly reminded that we are in the presence of that ineffably erotic dance for two. If you love dance and dancers, just sit back and enjoy.

Stunning dancing, fantastic lighting and great musicianship from this team from Argentina. For the sultry James Bond theme Skyfall number, they change into wet-look black leather. It doesn't get more calculatedly steamy than this. The auditorium goes wild! Watching Strictly won't be the same again! The casino ab 18 german has been developed for tango lovers and to attract people who may be not familiar with tango. It will appeal to people of all generations who enjoy a lively, imaginative and high energy show with great music and dance.

An authentic live band and a number of daring costume changes are guaranteed to keep the casino ab 18 german sizzling. Certainly German Cornejo's Immortal Tango casino ab 18 german something in the air for everyone that combines the great work of the latin american dancers and casino ab 18 german hability to show their skills not only casino ab 18 german Tango dance but also ballet, hip hop, rock and modern rhythms.

Their first performance titled A Los Amigos has power, the chemistry between the two dancers is undeniable as each movement casino ab 18 german sensuality.

This casino ab 18 german highlighted in their second performance SuSu, a piece inspired casino ab 18 german Romeo and Juliet. The spectacular performance had the audience last night literally gasping aloud at the unbelievable lifts in the duet which are performed so effortlessly. Sampled, provoking audible gasps and spontaneous, mid-performance applause from an admiring audience. Their first duet, A Los Amigos, reflects a dangerous game of sensuality and power between a man and woman.

Although moving swiftly, the couple appear absolutely glued to the stage. The intricacy and speed of their leg kicks and flicks is breath-taking, and certainly adds an extra dimension of risk to the occasion. Cornejo and Galeassi's final piece, SuSu, is more narratorial, speaking best in usa forbidden love and secret passion.

Pulses are set racing by gravity defying lifts; in the blink of an eye Galeassi appears to flip in mid-air, or drop to the floor as quickly as if she had fallen - but of casino ab 18 german she hasn't. These two dancers are so incredibly slick, passionate and charismatic; fully deserving of their standing ovation. The first, A Los Amigos, was a fast-paced piece fuelled with fire and passion. The second, SuSu, was inspired by the forbidden love in Romeo and Juliet, and had more lyrical elements to it.

In true Jerk roulette style, the slow, sensual rhythms were interrupted by incredible sharp movements from the dancers. Cornejo and Article source are the ideal partnership, gliding across the floor in complete unison with each other. They received the largest applause of all, and deservedly so. In een choreografie van Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui werden danseressen Gisela en Jennifer aan een razend tempo gelift en in het rond gedraaid door hun partners.

The acrobatic trio of three men is a breathtaking fusion of tango, contemporary dance and martial arts. The intimacy between Mr. Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi, whose searing duet defied at least a few laws of physics. This is a thrilling encounter with much to appeal to fans and dabblers of the terpsichorean arts alike. Hurrah for Tango Fire.

But it is their emotional togetherness that thrills me. With a slight frown he uses his strength to support her elongated movements, they move as one in high speed sequences. Their bodies twist and legs fly but all profoundly synchronised and somehow moving together as a single unit.

It was a remarkable performance of passionate Argentinian tango at its best. A fiery, sexy and energetic dance show. Their two featured classical tangos — A Los Amigos in the first act and the breathtaking Susu towards the end of part 2 — were highlights from more than a dozen slick, click at this page sensual dances, their work especially embellished by high lifts, fast turns, throws and whipping legs.

Talento latino por el mundo. The Chosenque Lopez produjo y condujo junto a Marc Anthony. Cornejo had Galeassi in a single armed full presage in which he spun Galeassi round for what seemed like minuets — spectacular.

Link energy, passion, creativity and delicate footwork accompanied by a live band onstage left the audience casino ab 18 german. They are not here for long, every choreographer in town must get tickets! To say that this couple have a huge stage presence is an understatement. Their virtuosity and bravura is mind blowing. As stage tango goes, this is as good as it gets - the zenith of its expression.

This is the real thing. It is a true celebration of the rhythmic magnificence of Argentine dance. They produce some truly spectacular moves, highlighted by excellent lighting and the atmospheric use of spotlights. Solos, duos and trios swirled in and out culminating in a spinning ultra-fast game of musical chairs that never missed a beat, augmented by some just click for source lighting effects. When they offered us an encore, the audience screamed for more … The Tango Fire Company from Argentina has toured the world — this is an all-new production led by director of choreography German Cornejo.

Tango Fire is an incredible show to watch. The choreography becomes progressively elaborate and dramatic. This show is hot, hot, hot. A perfect night out filled with passion and beautiful music. Tango Fire is presented by 10 young and flawless Argentinian professionals, in a series of dances that sometimes feature one stunning couple or another and sometimes the entire troupe, kicking, swirling, spinning and strutting in dances that range from sorrowful to seductive. The beautiful dancers completed a series of duo and group choreography.

But this was the kind of frenzy that Tango Fire inspired in Toronto this afternoon. And I have no doubt casino ab 18 german this show will rouse audiences around casino ab 18 german world as it brings its own brand of fire to the stage.

My little voice has now, officially, shut up. Five minutes into Tango Fire's spellbinding performance, the audience was gasping collectively in awe and delight. By the final bars of this afternoon's performance, all semblance of polite Canadian applause dissolved in a roar as a full house to casino ab 18 german feet, clapping, stamping, screaming, and wolf whistling for more.

And at more info end of casino ab 18 german encore, we did it again! This is impressive and unsettling at once.

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