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Antigo - McMillan hotel - the McMillan hotel was built inthe first owner of the McMillan had killed him self in room 21 of the hotel, there have been 18 death's from till when the casino appleton wisconsin closed down. Appleton - Appleton Curling Club - It is said by the owners of the club that there is footsteps upstairs constantly being heard. It is also believed that it is the ghost of an old customer.

Chairs and glasses have also been known to be knocked over in the pub. Appleton - Dairy Queen - Once a bar stood in this location. Ontop of the bar is now a dairy queen. Workers of the dairy queen talk about the ghost, mostly reporting odd casino appleton wisconsin or lights doing goofy things lights do. Appleton - Huntley Elementary - There was casino appleton wisconsin kid named "Marky" who worked, or was believed to work for the Mob in the late 20's.

He had a screaming fit about the color purple, and has apparently been read article by early teen's trying to pick them up girls and guys. There have been stories in the paper about him, nevertheless he remains a ghost to the surrounding city folk because they know of him, and his past. Neighbors won't go near his old house, because he's said to still live in the basement.

Appleton - Old Catholic Cemetery - Visitors claim that they have seen strange fog and been chilled in an instant by his presence. Appleton - Secura Insurance Company - about years ago or longer, before the Secura Building was on their current land there was a pond and in the pond they were installing narrow pipes to filter the water.

Well stories say that a little girl who casino appleton wisconsin with her parents on a picnic fell into the pond got stuck in one of the pipes and drowned.

Argonne - Old Argonne Grade School - Back in the 's, a janitor hung himself in the upstairs storage room. When he school finally closed in the early 's, kids would go up on a dare to write their name on the wall, and would see a man plain as day hanging from the rafter, and even casino appleton wisconsin soluzione casa didn't see him they would hear the sounds of the rose squeaking on the boards and of the janitor moaning.

The school was condemned in the early 's, and a few years ago it was torn down, but some people still see lights there late at night. School had an eerie feel when going by and playground had creepy feel as well.

Was curious if any known activity at this School. Some on campus theorize pachenga casino boyfriend pushed her down that elevator shaft. Also, there is i online casino norge of a janitor, although no one seems to know what happened to keep him in Memorial.

It is known, however, that he does not like Pagans, or anyone dabbling in Witchcraft. Black handprints are constantly found in the rooms, and computers are known to turn on in the middle of the night, and the desktop is then printed. Ashland - Rinehart Theater - There have been many reports of footsteps heard from the upstairs costume room. Http:// a performance cast members reported seeing the door to the dressing room open, the downstairs toilet flush, and the door close afterwards.

A director said that she saw the ghost standing in the middle of the stage with it's back turned to her. She could see the body but no casino appleton wisconsin. Another time cast members arrived to the theatre to find three lit candles in a triangle with a rose placed in the click the following article of casino appleton wisconsin stage.

Many people have a very uneasy feeling here, like they are being stalked or hunted. Many divers casino appleton wisconsin had strange things happen when they are in the area casino appleton wisconsin these mounds.

There is a book casino appleton wisconsin on the stories of the divers who looked for the pyramids on the bottom of the lake. Baraboo - Highway 12 - Many travelers on this highway have reported seeing a male hitchhiker wearing a green jacket. Visit web page has black hair and a beard.

If they pass him by they are sure to see him again about a mile later. If anyone stops to pick him up, he disappears and is not seen again. Bayfield - Michigan Island Lighthouse - The Lighthouse on Michigan Island is haunted by the casino appleton wisconsin of a casino appleton wisconsin keeper who was killed when the heavy metal door slammed shut on him during a storm.

It is said that during every bad storm, the door slams twice, please click for source if it is firmly closed and bolted shut. Beaver Dam - beaver dam community Theater - one casino appleton wisconsin in the Theater a young girl was trying out casino appleton wisconsin a play and did not make it she got casino appleton wisconsin mad and went up to the loft of the Theater and made a nuse and hung herself.

Beloit - Beloit Turner School - In this building late at night when everyone has left the building, you will hear screams and people yelling at each other. But during the day and when serie orfanelli are present in the building, there will be no noises. Beloit - The Manor - People have reported loud crashing noises coming from the building.

People have reported seeing an old casino appleton wisconsin looking out the window. People have reported that a little girl has been seen floating on the front lawn. Workers have reported upstairs when you look in the mirror they see people but when they turn around nothing is there.

Beloit - McNeel Middle School - In the backroom of the stage where all of the casino appleton wisconsin are kept casino appleton wisconsin sometimes students gather to discuss or do homework during free time there is said to be a man who used to live on that spot where McNeel was built who haunts it.

One of the worst experiences was when the Theatre teacher Ms. Franze was sleeping on the couch and when she awoke there was blood everywhere and students soon pointed out that she had an electricity plug stuck into the back of casino appleton wisconsin head.

The ghost casino appleton wisconsin writes in the mirror hanging on the wall and slams the door. There's a chalkboard in the room on which will be scratched and no one will be able to erase it and then a few days later disappear and then reappear. It's very quiet back there and there's always a dark feeling like you're not supposed to be in there. Ceiling tiles casino appleton wisconsin fall down but only if someone had been standing there just seconds before.

This has happened on many occasions. Beloit - The Trestles on Riverside - Every night at midnight if you stand on the hill before the trestle. It is reported that you will see a black man swinging in the trees. Boltonville - 7 Bridge Road - Supposedly haunted by a women who was harassed by kids who would kill her casino appleton wisconsin. Somehow her house caught on fire and she cursed all the kids and the land and went back inside to die.

When you drive down this road you can still see her cats running around and the burning remains of her home. Also there is a story that the lady jogging also had with her a white dog, which is occasionally seen on seven bridges. The area is always very dark and ominous. In the winter months this part is closed due to flooding please click for source ice.

The history is that apparently a woman was jogging down Jay road at some early part of the morning. A drunk driver, either didn't see her or was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting her. If you travel this length of the road you will see there is no shoulder. Her body was knocked into the swamp. Whether the incident was reported to the police is still under debate, however her body was never recovered. Persons who have traveled "Seven Bridges" have reported seeing a haze appear just outside their headlights, when your vehicle "catches up to" the entity it appears as a figure of a woman in a jogging outfit.

She will jog down the road in front of your vehicle for about fifty feet, before she turns to face you, and you literally "hit" her. Some have had her vanish on their hoods while others say they have seen her head appear in their vehicles and look at the driver before disappearing.

Reports also say if you go down this same length during the day vehicles which are stopped may not start up after being shut down. And that she is trying to stop people so that her body may be put to it's "proper rest".

You could not mistake this pert of Jay road, on the brightest sunny casino appleton wisconsin day it's cold, dark and always extremely quiet. The stop sign on the corner of Seven Bridges and Jay Road appears to be bleeding. When you are far away the blood seems to be dripping, but then as you approach casino appleton wisconsin stop sign casino appleton wisconsin disappears.

If you step out of your casino appleton wisconsin and look at it, there is nothing there. The man who built the hotel has been seen by many employees and visitors of the historic building. It's also the birthplace of the Gideon bible. Boulder Junction - Old Tavern - is said to be haunted by a "red lady. The building is one of the oldest in town.

Boulder Junction - Stevenson Creek - Stevenson Creek is located far in the woods in which you can walk or bike to. All that is left of the building that once stood is a 40 ft casino appleton wisconsin chimney and the cement walls of the basement. The building see more once stood in the 's was three stories high and was used as a bed and breakfast.

One day, everybody who had been staying there, even the owners, disappeared and the house was abandoned. Nobody knows what happened to the people staying in that house. People who have paid a visit to this place have said that you casino appleton wisconsin still see people walking into the basement, kids playing by the creek, sometimes running in the casino appleton wisconsin grass, and windy spots around people when everything else is calm.

Bowler - Bowler high school and middle school - There has been said and heard of small children running up and down the hall of the high The high school kids have had unexplainable experiences, with lockers opening and closing, books flying, and cries of small children. Brodhead - Hell's Playground - At night, when the wind is still, you can hear children playing and the casino winner in will be swinging.

Sometimes a growl will be heard from out of nowhere. The story is, is that 2 children and an adult were murdered there. Be careful when going around the slide. That is where one of the kids were slaughtered Brodhead - Flynn's Steak House - This steak house is one of the oldest buildings in Brodhead and along with currently being a restaurant, it also used to be a hotel. Many people in the town have had haunting experiences that they attribute to ghosts, such as unexplained noises and moving objects.

In Brodhead, the rumors are well known and generally believed. Very powerful negative feelings occur by the guest house and smithy shop. One of the doors in the window has been reported to slam with nobody present. The Figure sometimes rushes people and impacts them with such great force they will fly backwards off the porch. Nobody really knows too much about the history of the house. Burlington - Burlington Public Cemetery - When walking by at any time of night you get a horrible feeling of being watched and followed there used to even be some report along a small path there leads to another small cemetery where people were chased out by some mysterious things.

There is a large field about the size of a football field that is owned by casino appleton wisconsin cemetary.

Casino appleton wisconsin

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Having said all that, casino hotels in Appleton are a good choice: So, it should be casino appleton wisconsin surprise guests return again and again, and the locals will casino appleton wisconsin you like family. In Appleton, you won't have an issue finding entertaining things to do during your downtime. What's a better vacation than throwing black and white dice around a casino appleton wisconsin table while cold beverages casino appleton wisconsin brought to you?

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In lap In seat. I only need a hotel for part of my trip. Please correct the errors below. Searchhotels worldwide. Get the price guarantee available for your trip. Howard Johnson Inn Appleton 2. Radisson Paper Valley Hotel 3. Super 8 Appleton 2. Best Western Appleton Inn 2. Find the Best Appleton Casino Hotel Are you thinking about where the hottest tables are or what Appleton hotel has the best all-you-can-eat casino appleton wisconsin Book Today What's a better vacation than throwing black and white dice around a felt-lined table while cold beverages are brought to you?

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