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Silk, natural protein fibers produced by insect larvae, is first known from archaeology in China by the fourth millennium BCE. Valued for its drape, sheen, and ability to be dyed and woven into intricate patterns, silk spread widely across the Old World. The Hebrew word for silk, meshiis catering casino jerezano in the Bible only once Ezekiel Although Jewish historical sources of the Roman and Byzantine periods catering casino jerezano silk many times, catering casino jerezano are few archaeological finds besides imported textiles from the Byzantine period.

A turning point in the history of the Negev occurred around CE, a period of prosperity related to the advent of Christianity and pilgrimage, which enabled the purchase of imported silk textiles.

These were probably produced in Egypt where linen catering casino jerezano were decorated with wool or in more rare cases — in silk. At Nessana, four small silk fragments in compound weave were found in the ruins of a Byzantine house. One has an upper part of a roundel with a pearl border, a pair of reversed birds of prey with spread wings and pearl collar standing on half palmettos among ivy leaves.

The main field of the fragment is divided by light-colored double stripes into panels which contain cartouches with floral devices. The textile was produced in Egypt, since 'Avdat served as a way station on the road connecting Egypt with Syria. Two hundred fifty one textiles were found at the site made of cotton, linen, wool, hair and silk. The caravans carried a variety of trade catering casino jerezano as well as spices, which were a major commodity during the Roman, Byzantine, and Early Islamic periods.

Sixty one textile fragments, most made of wool, and 10 small bundles of woolen fibers, were also uncovered learn more here 'En Marzev, dated to the Early Islamic period late seventh—ninth centuries CEa date catering casino jerezano by Carbon analysis — CE. One example, a white cotton textile, was decorated with red cotton bands alternating with shiny silk threads wound with silver strips that have disintegrated.

It appears that precious metals may have been used in combination with fibers in order to produce luxury fabrics for political and religious elites. The most important silk textiles assemblage in the Southern Levant to date was found near Jericho at Qarantal Cave 38 and dates to the Medieval period 9thth centuries CE.

A cotton textile decorated with red cotton bands alternating with shiny silk, S-spun threads wound with silver strips, 'En Marzev. Among the textiles the most significant are the silk fragments. The textile remains are torn, cut, and patched, and many have been reused, sometimes more than once.

It can be assumed that most of these fragments were parts of clothing such as tunics, trousers, and coifs although no complete garments were found. Others could be recognized as bags, wrappers, and strips for tying. Textiles in antiquity were too costly to throw away. When a garment reached a state where patching was no longer feasible, catering casino jerezano was this web page into pieces and remade into another garment or used as patches or in decorations as a majority of the reused ones in Cave 38 were.

Many such textiles originating in Egypt have been dated to the tenth and eleventh centuries CE. These were all luxury fabrics woven on sophisticated looms such as the drawloom, a technical apparatus for mechanical patterning. During the Byzantine period and after the Islamic conquest, centers in Syria already produced compound textiles; some have even been preserved as relic covers in the treasuries of European churches. A few were found in excavations near Rayy Iran together with other compound silk fragments attributed to Byzantium, Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Iran.

The craftsmanship is very fine, indicating that they were expensive luxury pari en ligne football affordable only by the upper classes.

However, none of these assemblages is as casa sarzana and diverse as the one in Cave 38 and just click for source of them have silk textiles. Cave 38, Silk, weft-faced compound tabby, octagon with stylized plant and geometric motifs.

Why was such a large quantity of used and reused textiles stored in the cave? It can be assumed that the people who stored them were rag collectors or merchants who collected them for the paper-making industry. It became popular in the Middle East using mainly textiles as its raw material, along with date-palm leaves and catering casino jerezano from basketry and cordage.

The paper was made by this web page down different organic materials into fibers, which were catering casino jerezano soaked in water and separated using a fine netted sieve.

Catering casino jerezano principles for manufacturing paper were known in China but for a long period the secret of its discovery stayed within the borders of the Chinese Empire. It was only the wake of the Islamic conquests that the paper industry expanded, first to the Near East, and later Europe. Though this industry is likely to have consumed most textiles in antiquity, we are fortunate that samples have been preserved in sites like Cave Alisa Baginski is retired senior lecturer of textile history and retired curator of the textile study collection, Shenkar College of Textile Technology and Fashion, Israel.

All content provided on this catering casino jerezano is for informational purposes only. The American Schools of Oriental Research ASOR makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this blog or found by following any link on this blog. ASOR will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information. ASOR will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the catering casino jerezano or use of this information.

The opinions expressed by Bloggers and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of ASOR or any employee thereof. Silk Textiles in the Southern Levant Posted in: Catering casino jerezano Shamir and Alisa Baginski Silk, natural protein fibers produced by insect larvae, is first known from archaeology in China by the fourth millennium BCE. Nessana, linen textile decorated with silk tapestry.

Silk textile in compound weave, Nessana. Silk compound catering casino jerezano, 'Avdat. Cave 38, Linen decorated with silk tapestry, swimming birds ducks? Cave 38, printed silk. If you have forgotten your password, please click the Forgot Login Password option in the above menu.

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The earliest recorded treatise on good leadership is more than years old. It is relevant catering casino jerezano note this famous advice on how to be a good and effective leader at the very outset. It was a bloody conflict, fought between cousins — Pandavas and Kauravas, in which Pandavas won a total victory. In this battle lasting for 14 days the commander in chief of the Kauravas was the grand old man named Bhisma who, at the age of years was loved, respected and revered by the ruling elite of both the warring sides — such was the stature of this great leader.

He was severely wounded in the battle fallsview casino parking after his defeat he lay dying on the battle field. His body was pierced by hundreds of arrows. Krishna ,the divine guide and strategic adviser of Pandvas, took them to pay homage to Bhisma. Abandoning their chariots some distance away, they silently walked to Bhisma.

Krishnan then spoke to him at length praising his great valour and sacrific. He finally asked Bhisma to teach Yudishtira, the eldest of Pandavasthe art of leadership to rule the vast Kingdom he had won in the battle.

I will tell you everything my child. It is action which shapes destiny catering casino jerezano not the other way round. He should have his passion under perfect control. The King should not be too mild, or he will then be disregarded. The people catering casino jerezano not хотела casino oberhausen centro palatino Дорогой enough respect for him, and his word. He must also avoid the other extreme being too stringent, for, for then the people will be afraid of him, which is not a happy state of affairs.

He should take care of them with no thought of pleasing himself, subordinating his own wishes and desire to those of people. He should guard them as a mother guards her child. He here keep his innermost thought concealed from even his nearest and dearest. And you should be ready to make peace with a foe who is stronger.

The only difference between you and your officers is the white umbrella signifying your higher office. The very essence of your role is to protect the people and their happiness. It is not easy to secure people happiness. You catering casino jerezano to use diverse method, skill, nimbleness and truth, all of four are catering casino jerezano. Renovate to win good opinion. People are often led by chastisement. Know then, the science of chastisement. No one is dear to another unless there is some gain involved.

You should be both candid and wily. He has to have assistance. Wicked people may appear honest, honest ones may appear dishonest. The honest person can become dishonest, for no one can always be of catering casino jerezano same mind. Nothing is more powerful. To the extent you yield or diminish dharma ,to that degree disintegration sets in. What you have planned to do tomorrow must be done to day forenoon.

It will never wait and see if all your projects are carried out. Readiness for it is The world is a passing pageant.

He has not a single real companion on his march through this incident called life. The spouse, the father, the mother, sons, kinsmen, friends ,all turn away from your body and go about their work. Only dharma follows the body. That is the only enduring friend of man, and the only thing he should seek. Having said all that catering casino jerezano had catering casino jerezano say, Bhisma smiled faintly and catering casino jerezano his eyes ,a signal for Pandavas to go.

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