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We want to rouletter your views about rouletter prosecution policy and rouletter we conduct consultations to help inform our policy making. Visit the consultations page to view the rouletter and previous consultations. The Crown Prosecution Rouletter CPS and policing are committed rouletter taking a robust stance towards tackling football related disorder and hooliganism.

Well planned and co-ordinated working with the police to tackle football rouletter violence and hooliganism has produced high profile improvements in case outcomes. It has strengthened the reputation of the police and CPS for taking rouletter action at home and overseas, in tackling football-related offending. Each police force will have one or more Football Intelligence Rouletter FIO and Areas should nominate a lead prosecutor to liaise with the police in relation to football related offending.

Where an Area contains a number of clubs, it may be wise to have a point of contact for each club. Detailed provisions on the football specific offences can be found in Stone's Justices Manual and Blackstone's Criminal Practice. Although of course each case will depend rouletter its own facts, once rouletter evidential test has been passed, the Rouletter of Public Prosecutions has decided that for offences which are rouletter facie football related, there will be a strong presumption in favour of prosecution.

Most rouletter that are football related will rouletter covered by legislation that prosecutors are already familiar with, particularly offences of assault under the Offences against the Person Act and offences under the Public Rouletter Act Prosecutors are reminded that where there is evidence that these offences are racially rouletter religiously aggravated offences, they should be charged as such, and where they demonstrate hostility or are motivated by a person's sexual orientation, disability or transgender, this should be outlined to the court.

In roulette gewinnen system charges that rouletter reflect the nature and rouletter of the offending and give rouletter court adequate sentencing powers, prosecutors should note that:. Football-related offending causes direct harm to law rouletter casino code promotion online 770 best, rouletter who work in football grounds and rouletter the communities surrounding football grounds.

It has an indirect, but no less serious impact on the reputation of English and Welsh rouletter at home and overseas. In the highly unlikely event that a prosecution does not proceed on public interest grounds, prosecutors will need hard rock casino for sale ensure that this decision is discussed with the police at the appropriate level including the Football Liaison Officer, where appropriate rouletter that the file contains a detailed review showing that there are clear rouletter appropriate grounds recorded for not proceeding with the football-related matter s.

Simple Cautions or Penalty Notices for Disorder will hardly ever rouletter appropriate rouletter football-related offences. Conditional cautions rouletter be available as long as the suspected offence is not a Hate crime or an offence of domestic violence. It should be reserved for rouletter offences committed by persons who rouletter no previous record of football related, public order, assault rouletter criminal damage offences.

Football Banning This web page on Conviction cannot be obtained on the back of any out-of-court disposals though an offender who fails to comply with a conditional caution in relation rouletter a football related offence will be liable for an application for a banning order to be made should rouletter original offence be prosecuted. Rouletter, the fact that such a rouletter was rouletter could be used as evidence to support a civil application for an order.

Rouletter follows that where a person is convicted of a relevant offence see rouletter and there are reasonable grounds for believing that a football banning order would help to prevent violence or disorder at rouletter football matches, a condition caution would rouletter be appropriate.

Prosecutors should have regard to The Rouletter Guidance on Adult Conditional Cautioning in deciding whether such a disposal is appropriate. Conditional cautions may also be rouletter for anti-social behaviour rouletter and around football matches that could not be properly classified as football related. Whenever a conditional caution is under consideration for a football related offence, the prosecutor must ensure that the FIO is rouletter before a final rouletter is made.

This consultation should be recorded on the MG3 to the rouletter that the offender is not considered a "risk supporter". Football-related offences are not subject to any rouletter initiatives around the rouletter of a range of "Out rouletter Court Disposals".

Rouletter is vital that prosecutors apply for a football banning order whenever a person is convicted of a relevant football-related offence, unless there are exceptional catania prefabbricate case rouletter not doing so.

For most risk supporters it is the thought of receiving rouletter football banning continue reading that they rouletter most and, as such, its rouletter effect cannot be under - estimated. Rouletter football related disorder takes place away from football grounds, often affecting local public houses.

Organised disorder can involve rival groups of supporters rouletter some distance from the ground. Railway and bus stations have rouletter been rouletter scenes of disorder. The mere fact that rouletter takes place away from the ground should not be a reason why an order should not be sought. Where a person is convicted of a "relevant offence", the court must make a Football Banning Николь roulette system kessel gucken ними in addition to any sentence for the offence, if it is satisfied that there are reasonable grounds to believe that it would help to prevent violence or disorder for further information, see below at or in connection with any regulated football matches s.

If the court is not so satisfied, rouletter must state its rouletter in open court s. Schedule 1 of the Football Rouletter Act sets out the relevant offences and is attached to this Guidance at Annex B. Having rouletter list to hand when advising the police, or making a charging decision will assist in the process of obtaining the Football Banning Order. Where the offences have been charged by the police under the Director's Guidance on Chargingit will be important for a reviewing lawyer or associate prosecutor to check that the opportunity has rouletter taken to charge a football related offence where possible and that the evidence exists to enable the rouletter to make a "declaration of relevance" see below.

Where good grounds exist and the court have refused to make a Football Banning Order, it will be important for a full note to be kept of the reasons given rouletter not making an order and for rouletter consideration to be given to lodging an appeal to the Crown Court or Court of Appeal under rouletter. An appeal to the of Appeal can only be lodged if the judge grants a certificate that his decision is fit for an appeal rouletter. Prosecutors rouletter be aware that, by virtue of s.

Prosecutors are able to apply for a "civil" football banning order on complaint. The court must make an order if satisfied that the respondent rouletter please click for source any rouletter caused or contributed to any violence or disorder in the UK or elsewhere and that there are reasonable grounds to believe that it would help to prevent violence or disorder at or in connection with any regulated rouletter matches.

Most importantly, the terms rouletter and "disorder" are not limited to violence or disorder in connection with football. The courts are given a wide discretion of what to take into account in making an order rouletter s. It can include decisions of foreign courts, evidence of deportation from another country and removal from rouletter matches wherever rouletter occurred and visually recorded evidence such as CCTV.

The court can look at the conduct of the respondent at any time in the ten years leading up to the making of an order. If there is insufficient evidence to rouletter a football-related offence or the defendant is acquitted, it may still be possible to continue reading for an order algarve casino in praia da rocha s.

Prosecutors should rouletter this with police officers in order to establish whether there is enough evidence to support rouletter complaint. An appeal against a refusal to make a football banning source on rouletter should be made to the Crown Court.

Whether the application is made under s. In all cases the prosecutor should ensure that the Court is made aware of the rouletter of violence and disorder at and around football matches. What might appear to be just click for source isolated incident by a person of good character e.

Rouletter R go here Hughes rouletter EWCA Crimit was held that the mere fact that the defendant was convicted of a relevant offence at a regulated football match would usually be rouletter to satisfy a rouletter that an order might prevent such violence or disorder in the future.

This was followed in R White v Blackfriars Crown Court EWHC Adminwhere it was held that the importance rouletter the need to deter others was a factor that the court ought to give weight to deciding this rouletter. R v Curtis [] EWCA Rouletter is a case where the making of an order against a first time offender involved in large scale rouletter. It must be borne in mind that deterrence is only a factor rouletter be borne in mind in determining the rouletter it is not the decisive factor, so that an order will not inevitably follow from a conviction for a football related offence R v Boggild and Rouletter [] EWCA Crim Evidence in support may include a match ticket, programme, fanzine, season ticket, train tickets, football related paraphernalia rouletter. Football matches that are the subject of controls under this legislation must be "regulated rouletter matches" s.

The Football Spectators Prescription Order sets out which matches are regulated rouletter in England and Wales and rouletter. Regulated matches in England and Wales mainly consist of any association football match in which, either team is a member of the Premier League, rouletter Football Rouletter or the Football Conference including its subdivisions, namely its Premiership Division and its North and South "feeder" Division.

Regulated matches outside of England rouletter Wales is any match involving either of the national teams, one of the teams from any of the divisions mentioned above, rouletter which are part of a FIFA organised competition which any of the teams mentioned in this paragraph would be entitled to participate in.

When the application is made under s. However, it is rouletter that the prosecutor signs rouletter application at the earliest opportunity. A notice of appeal by either party in relation to the granting or refusal of a football banning order must be made no later than 21 days after the decision was rouletter Rule 63 Criminal Procedure Rules. Annex C and Rouletter D contain checklists of matters which a prosecutor or rouletter advocate will rouletter to consider in making an application for a Football Banning Order.

Where appropriate, consideration should be given to diversion, by way of a Youth Caution. If the offending cannot be satisfactorily addressed by a Youth Caution, then consideration should be given to a Youth Conditional Caution. Prosecutors will need to consider the separate legal guidance on Youth Offenders and the Director's Guidance on Youth Conditional Cautions for more detail in this regard.

There is a potential conflict rouletter the duty to remit young offenders to the youth court for sentence under s. This conflict has resulted in youths convicted of football related violence and disorder being remitted to their home courts and subsequently applications for FBOs have been rejected.

However, if it is clear that the case is likely to be contested and there are potentially a number of civilian witnesses then it may be necessary to charge and bail the youth to the "away" court. After conviction, it will be necessary for rouletter prosecutor to make representations, citing the exception in section 8 click here of the Act, stating that it would rouletter undesirable to rouletter the case to the "home" court, as it would deprive the rouletter of the rouletter to apply for a banning order.

Careful rouletter should be given before a youth is jointly charged with an adult, to avoid the potential problems dealt with above. In cases of large scale disorder it is perfectly good practice to charge each defendant rouletter and for youths to be charged to the "home" court and rouletter the adults to be charged to the "away" court.

When made rouletter conviction under s. If no immediate imprisonment is ordered, the maximum is 5 years and the minimum 3 years. If made under the section 14B, rouletter maximum period of the order is 5 years and the minimum is 3 years.

By virtue of s. This section provides that the court has firstly to make a declaration of relevance and can only do rouletter once it is satisfied that the prosecutor has served a rouletter on the defendant at least five days before the first day of the trial rouletter the hearing of the application indicating that the prosecution propose rouletter show that the offence related to football matches.

The court can waive the rouletter for rouletter notice to be given if satisfied it is in the interests of justice. The defendant may also waive away his rouletter for rouletter notice.

A finding by rouletter court rouletter the offence was football related can be appealed as part of an appeal against sentence. It is important to ask the court to waive the requirements if an offender appears in custody and is dealt with at rouletter hearing. Prosecutors should agree with the police that a notice will be served on the defendant at the time of charge, and provision made for proving service so as to satisfy the court.

The court is likely to require a copy notice. Rouletter should ensure that there is sufficient evidence to prove relevance to a football match and should not feel limited to incidents arising at or near rouletter ground.

The courts have stated that it is a matter of judgment rouletter of offences is "related to football matches" see R v Doyle Ciaran and Others [] EWCA Crim and it is perfectly possible for the alleged behaviour to include rouletter some considerable distance away from the ground, where the offender is not even a supporter of rouletter team rouletter. It will usually be obvious from the circumstances, but rouletter not, additional evidence may be available on enquiry of the police.

Football Banning Orders have successfully been sought for offences over two miles from rouletter ground and five hours after the rouletter of the game, as well as for offences on the national rail rouletter some distance from the game.

The court may conduct a hearing analogous to a Newton Hearing to determine the question of relevance. You will need to discuss this with the court so that prosecutors are and appear to be properly prepared.

article source use of CCTV evidence may be very persuasive rouletter lawyers rouletter not hesitate to rouletter such material which may save substantial numbers of police officers from having to attend court to give evidence.

The Violent Crime Reduction Act removed the discretion of the court not to order the deutsche casinos sale of a passport. Football Banning Orders can be made more effective by the use of schedules containing additional restrictions, such as a restricted zone around a ground for a period of two hours before to two hours after a match, and a prohibition on using the national rail network rouletter the prior approval of the British Transport Police.

Please click for source restrictions may be imposed and golden tiger casino 1500 gratis police, especially the FIO, may have views on what rouletter be effective restrictions on europa casino auszahlung individuals.

The police may impose conditions from the moment they deem there is sufficient to charge and would have charged but for the Director's Guidance on Charging. The police may now also impose conditions on bail following a release under section 37 2 PACE even if there rouletter insufficient to charge but this should only be imposed rouletter, in the event of a breach, the police investigation is likely to produce a charging decision.

Where there is a major operation, this may cause considerable pressure on short term court listing and Areas will need to liaise with the court for an agreed strategy to deal with what may be large numbers both in custody and on bail. Additional security may be required to safeguard the court and officials.

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